Parking garages - nationwide

Die Abbildung zeigt das Logo von Schulz - Gebäudetechnik in Bestform
Die Abbildung zeigt das Logo von Schulz - Gebäudetechnik in Bestform

The order

At 18 locations of a parking garage operator operating throughout Germany, the existing lighting was to be converted to modern LED technology. The contract thus not only involves replacing up to 1,200 light sources per site, but also optimizing the entire electrical installation. It goes without saying for SCHULZ that the ongoing operation of the parking garages must continue to be guaranteed and not be disrupted.


The challenge

In general, parking garages are very busy, and some areas are also occupied by long-term parkers. In addition, consideration had to be given to passing pedestrians and cars entering and leaving the car park. Large temperature differences also have to be taken into account: While it is relatively cold on the upper parking levels, the temperatures in the lower part of the parking garages are comparatively high. In addition, logistical processes such as closures, storage of as-built documents, emergency lights and legends, but also the disposal of construction-related waste, parking spaces for containers and entry heights have to be coordinated before work begins. And, of course, it is important to avoid work noise and to maintain a neat manner at all times.


The solution

At the beginning of the retrofit is a clean planning. That's why, as a first step, we decided to approach the long-term parkers and develop and agree a joint approach with them. And in order to close off certain subareas only as rarely as possible due to the high passenger traffic, we decided to carry out work at night when the parking garages are comparatively empty. As a result, we had a small window of opportunity, which meant that every step we took was planned all the more meticulously in advance. Lifting platforms were also used in heavily trafficked areas (such as around the entrances and exits), which meant that the work was completed just as quickly by Schulz.