Drywall work

Make it easy on yourself!

Make it easy on yourself!

Drywall work

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Dry construction" refers to the installation of prefabricated, non-load-bearing components in buildings. Dry construction is a particularly sustainable, environmentally friendly and inexpensive lightweight construction method and also brings various other advantages:

  • Moisture regulating properties
  • Short installation and drying times (rapid reuse of rooms)
  • Many design options (e.g. completely new room layout)
  • High aesthetics due to installation in cavities
  • Optimal room acoustics & sound insulation: Low noise level by suspending or cladding the ceiling or insulating with mineral fiber insulation materials.


Our friendly and competent team accompanies you during all project phases, from the consultation to the professional implementation of your order. For all drywall work, we take into account both your personal wishes and modification suggestions as well as the applicable structural engineering requirements (for example, for soundproofing, fire protection and thermal insulation). Together we will find the best and most economical solution for your project. We consider a clean working method and a completion on schedule as a matter of course.

Our scope of services acoustic and drywall:


  • Partition walls
  • (Metal) stud walls
  • Installation walls
  • Damp proof walls
  • Filling work
  • Dry plaster
  • Thermal insulation
  • Soundproofing

Ceilings (also in damp rooms)

  • Attic conversion
  • Ceiling coverings
  • Plasterboard ceilings
  • Suspending ceilings
  • Fire protection ceilings (various fire resistance classes)


  • Pretreatment of all substrates with filler and plaster work
  • Coatings of all kinds
  • Painting work (e.g. doors, frames, windows, cabinets, radiators, etc.)
  • Elimination of water and fire damage
  • Floor coatings
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