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Making buildings and people shine

We want to use craftsmanship to enhance not only the buildings, but also the quality of life of their occupants and users. That's why we rely on efficient building technology that is not only easy to use, but also ensures a pleasant feel-good atmosphere.

Our fields of activity include administrative, commercial and industrial sites, nationwide. In doing so, we can draw on many years of experience, an extensive knowledge base and the most modern techniques.

Building technology at its best.
Our range of services extends from consulting, planning and delivery to installation, maintenance and repair, as well as professional and proper maintenance.

Your playmaker
on the construction site

Every (construction) project runs differently. But nevertheless, there are always recurring challenges. Much stands and falls with the management of the trades involved: Which service providers are involved in which phases of the project? Who is the contact person, how do you reach them?

Many project managers have a number of other tasks to take care of anyway, so they're grateful to have someone handle communication with the various service providers on their behalf.

From dry construction to flooring to the subsequent painting work - at Schulz you get all trades from a single source. In concrete terms, this means that we maintain contact with all contact persons and work directly with all trades

UV-C acts via the air

UVC radiation is a well-known disinfectant for air. It has been used for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria. Therefore, UVC lamps are considered "germicidal" lamps. 

Viruses and bacteria such as the Corona virus are transmitted, among other things, via aerosols that accumulate in the air indoors.

This happens mainly in enclosed spaces such as schools, restaurants and offices. One infected person can already infect many others through the air.


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We are more qualified
E-mobility specialist company!

As an e-mobility company certified by the Central Association of German Electrical and Information Technology Trades (ZVEH)

  • ...we advise them around the installation of an electric charging station and the use of sustainable, renewable energy.
  • ...we offer you a charging infrastructure that is optimally tailored to your individual requirements and the local conditions.
  • ...we test the safety of your electrical systems and devices according to the current standards of electrical engineering (VDE regulations).



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