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Service & Maintenance

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Die Abbildung zeigt das Logo von Schulz - Gebäudetechnik in Bestform
Die Abbildung zeigt das Logo von Schulz - Gebäudetechnik in Bestform

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Our team not only plans and installs new electrical and lighting systems, but also takes care of the subsequent maintenance and servicing of existing systems. In doing so, we not only place increased value on comprehensive expertise and compliance with the highest quality standards, but also on a customer-oriented service that is second to none. Regular staff training to improve our service is just as much a matter of course for us as fast response times and a consistent focus on the needs of our clientele.

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Overview of our services

Energy Consumption Analysis:

We examine your individual electricity consumption and help you to save energy and thus minimize your electricity costs in the long run.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting: 

Defective electrical systems and equipment can not only lead to property damage and economic losses, but often even pose a danger to life and limb. As a qualified service provider in the field of electrical engineering, we are able to detect and eliminate such sources of error.

E-Check (Dortmund area): The E-CHECK is the recognized test seal for electrical installations and devices. As an E-brand company and E-mobility specialist, we check whether your installations and devices comply with the applicable VDE regulations. The VDE standards are published by the Association of German Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies and specify the (safety-related) criteria that electrical installations must meet to ensure proper operation.

Make the E-check

Whether at the workplace or in apartment buildings: The E-check increases safety in the handling of electrical equipment and thus forms the basis for the prevention of electrical accidents and data mishaps:

  • In Industrial and craft enterprises as well as in the Gastronomy the E-check prevents sudden failure of machines and electrical equipment. It also prevents potential hazards from short circuits and overloads - for the best possible protection of your employees.
  • In Production sites a properly performed E-check ensures a better energy balance as well as an optimization of work processes.
  • From work laptops or PCs to printers, copiers, telephone systems and company networks - modern offices are now full of electronic devices. With the help of the E-Check, you can check whether the technology you are using actually complies with the applicable regulations - and thus effectively protect your devices and servers from damage caused by lightning or overvoltage.
  • As Property managers or landlords are required by law to ensure that the electrical systems installed in their rental property function properly - regardless of whether the space is used for private or commercial purposes. The E-check is not only worthwhile in terms of risk minimization, but also facilitates the provision of proof of liability.

At the same time, our offer goes far beyond
the "classic" E-CHECK:

At the same time, our offer goes far beyond
the "classic" E-CHECK:


E-Check It is used for testing communication and data networks and guarantees maximum data security, both in the private and commercial sector.

E-CHECK's E-Mobility:

As part of our "E-CHECK E-Mobility", we check the charging infrastructure required for your electric vehicle - i.e. charging stations, charging cables, etc. - as well as the associated electrical systems for possible defects and damage.

Die Abbildung zeigt den E Marken Betrieb - Service und Wartung in Bestform
Die Abbildung zeigt den E Marken Fachbetrieb - Service und Wartung in Bestform
Die Abbildung zeigt den E Fachbetrieb - Service und Wartung in Bestform
Die Abbildung zeigt das abgewandelte Logo von Schulz in Herzform - Gebäudetechnik in Bestform

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