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Die Abbildung zeigt das Logo von Schulz - Gebäudetechnik in Bestform
Die Abbildung zeigt das Logo von Schulz - Gebäudetechnik in Bestform

The order

Dismantle the entire lighting system on a total area of 55,000 m² spread over a complex of three individual buildings, each with up to four building sections. Then install a new, highly customized and modern lighting system. Note that implementation plans must adapt to the constantly changing storage volumes.


The first challenge

A ceiling height of 25 meters in a high-bay warehouse is a certain challenge even for experienced colleagues. But not only them, but also the material reaches its limits. Appropriate working platforms are required, but depending on their capacity, these simply no longer fit through the gate of the delivery - quite trivially. And only 35 cm height difference between the storage areas is huge when you have to maneuver a 9-ton vehicle through the narrowest aisles full of activity.


The solution

Lowering the approach ramp sounds a little crazy at first - but at second glance it is the obvious solution if you don't want to dismantle the stage into its individual parts. Every millimeter of space gained can make all the difference. And with the ramp design developed by Schulz especially for this purpose, it was possible to overcome the height difference together with a special low-loader and get busy.


The second challenge

Flexibility in series: Adapt working times and trades to the daily changing conditions. And in doing so, take into account the extremely high operating activity of forklifts, electric ants and the relocation of large-volume inventories in the hall areas.


The second solution

The motto of our company founder "Impossible things are done immediately, miracles take a while" benefits everyone who has to constantly adapt to new situations. Thus, shifting the working hours to night and weekend in close coordination with the management is the means of the case.

And consultation with staff when their work areas are affected is a matter of course for sustainable project success.